OTT Shakes.

The Ask.

Create a YouTube Video to highlight Milky Lane’s new range of Over The Top Hot Shakes.

The Sauce Solution.

A great idea and solid social strategy came together to give the results we were hoping for. In just 9 days:

  • • we showed up on over a million people’s newsfeeds
  • • and over 200 000 people watched our video

Brand awareness increased by 8%, raising Milky Lane to Best in Class. That means more people engaged with our content over that time frame than with anything posted by any of our competitors.

By the end of the campaign we were on almost 800 000 views!

Watch The Video!

Milkylane Over The Top Shakes Reactions
Milkylane Over The Top Shakes Tent Cards
Milkylane Over The Top Shakes Food Photography

Saucy Secrets.

25L of NiceCream was used during the making of this production. 5L to make the OTT Hot Shakes in the video, the rest to bribe the actors and crew to do additional takes.