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Mugg & Bean - Cupcakes for Hope Campaign

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Do It For More

Mugg & Bean – Cupcakes for Hope Campaign

Digtal-only Campaign | CSI Drive | Purpose-led Marketing

Mugg & Bean has an established relationship with CSI partner, Cupcakes of Hope, an NPO and PBO that aims to make life a little easier for kids and families affected by childhood cancer.


This campaign ran for the past 8 years, but, in 2020, we were forced to do things a little differently. Usually, Mugg & Bean pledged R5 for each Famous Giant Muffin sold in their restaurants to the charity, however, during the time of COVID,

we needed to make sure people could still contribute

even if they were social distancing. Therefore, our campaign had to be fully digitally-focused.

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We decided to not only focus on the kids affected by cancer, but the family as a whole

Anze family photo
Chinedu family photo
Nikita family photo
Zanele family photo

With this family-focused thinking in mind, we came up with the campaign line Do It For More. The ‘more’ part was personalised to each of the families we featured, and we kept them relatable to the things that kids love and the things we all loved as kids – whether it was baking messes, DIY mistakes, soccer-field victories, or neighbourhood adventures.

We conducted interviews with these families where they spoke about their journey to diagnosis, treatment, how Cupcakes of Hope helped out, and what their hopes are for the future. These video interviews (and accompanying on-site photoshoots) became the basis for all our website content, blog posts, social posts, CRM emailers and YEXT implementation, creating a harmonious and cohesive campaign at all the different touchpoints. Using these first-hand spoken accounts also added a sense of authenticity to the campaign.

Click on the interview you would like to see below:

Anze age 13 diagnosed with neurobiastoma
Chinedu age 11 diagnosed with t-cell lymphoma
Nikita age 7 diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
Zanele age 2 diagnosed with leukaemia
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We then created a Unity Values portal on our website to collect digital donations. This allowed us to reach consumers during a time when they are more likely to stay home and order online rather than enter a physical restaurant. The best part? The portal will remain open so that you can donate any time you like on the M&B website.



Through a combination of various digital advertising tools, including social media marketing, CRM, SEO marketing, and online advertising, we managed to

raise R79 162 over only 2 weeks

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