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Wimpy - Engen Easter Campaign

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It’s All About the Numbers

Wimpy – Engen Easter Campaign

Digitally-led Integrated Campaign | Promotion | Always-on Content Evolution

In December 2020, we did our first digitally-led Wimpy Engen Campaign and achieved some amazing results.

For this campaign, we created an Engen partnership page for the Wimpy website. It housed an interactive map that showed all the Engen Wimpys on route, as well as other notable stops along the way. After the campaign came to an end, we didn’t want to lose the traction we had gained, knowing that we’d be doing another one for Easter 2021….so we kept the page live. Also, there was no reason to take it down, seeing as our map is a relevant evergreen piece of content that can stay up indefinitely.


Wimpy had several messages that needed to be communicated over this period: Their kids’ promotion, the main burger promotion, the Wimpy/Engen partnership, as well as drive consumers to the restaurant.

This time, the campaign would only be running for 3 weeks, instead of 6

Sauce S


Our creative insight, for this campaign, focused on a very topical subject,

namely lockdown

…and our digital ad entitled ‘It’s All About the Numbers’, tied in perfectly with our new kids’ offering – Number Robots. We updated our campaign page with the new promo and even created an interactive Number Robots game, which we housed on our Kids’ Page. The game really drove Wimpy’s edutainment positioning, added a digital aspect to the Number Robot experience, and gave customers another reason to visit our website. We had an extensive social media campaign which directed people to our partnership page to find their next stop and to the Number Robots game, which was positioned as a great way to keep the kids entertained during the road trip.

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We also updated our

83 unique Engen wimpy restaurant location webpages,

which pointed back to our campaign page, published PR articles, and created a social campaign to further improve our site rankings and drive traffic back to both our campaign and Kids’ Page.

Video Displaying on a Mac


  • Apart from the search term ‘Engen’, Wimpy now ranks on page 1 of Google’s Search results for all of the following search terms: Engen N4, 1-Stop Engen, Engen One Way, Engen Route, Engen near me, next Engen garage, nearest Engen to me, and Engen on N1
  • For the term ‘Number Robot’, we ranked in Position Three on page 1 and in Position Two on Google in the video listings, above Amazon, who sell this exact same toy
  • The Engen partnership page on the Wimpy website got 34 218 visits
  • Our interactive map was loaded more than 11 000
  • Our 83 Engen Wimpy restaurant location pages got close to 3 000 views with 52 clicks to get directions and 170 phone call clicks in just 3 weeks

Organic (unpaid) social media results (over 3 weeks)

Facebook engagement rate per
impression (benchmark of 0.1%)
Twitter engagement rate
(per impression)

Paid media results (over 4 weeks)


What’s even more impressive is that even though the Easter campaign only ran for half time of the December campaign, we achieved similar results. That’s the power of always-on:
Nothing is ever lost, and you…

Keep building on the successes you’ve achieved