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Dlala Ka Style.

The Ask.

Make the Pierre Cardin brand relevant to the millennial market.

The Sauce Solution.

Firstly, we needed to collect some in-depth consumer-focused insights before we could start a social media marketing campaign focused on brand building. Based on this research, we conceptualised the Dlala Ka Style (DKS) campaign for a new collection of bags and shoes by Pierre Cardin.

Our campaign managed to revive a brand that had fallen out of the lookbooks of the style conscious and into the closets of an older and uncool generation. Dlala Ka Style means ‘play with your style’ and speaks to the Afrillennial’s desire to create their own style by infusing international trends with local flavour.

Our in-store campaign collateral stood out from the norm and created excitement around the brand. We’ve even managed to give Pierre Cardin some street cred online. Using Sauce models (we’ve got brains and beauty here!), we created exciting posts and videos that showcase the products in a cool and fresh way. And the public responded.

Seeing as we launched a brand new Facebook page, gained 1068 likes on one of our organic posts, had one lifestyle video viewed over 18 000 times in under a week, and grew the fan base to over 33 000… We are rather proud of this campaign.

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DKS Shoe

Saucy Secrets.

For inspiration we went shoe shopping and ended up with 60 pairs of Pierre Cardin shoes. We believe in walking the talk!