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Digital Screens.

The Ask.

Develop new Digital Menu Boards for our brands.

The Sauce Solution.

We went all out and revolutionised the Digital Menu Board. We pooled our resources in animation, graphic design and motion graphics to push digital menu design forward.

It took months of development and design, but we made it possible to display food visuals through a state-of-the-art System On Chip configuration across multiple screens without the need for an external hard drive and media player. Check them out next time you go to a Steers, Wimpy, Mugg & Bean, Debonairs Pizza or Milky Lane.

Thanks to a bit of innovation, the displays can be updated from Sauce. So, if there’s a cold front in Cape Town, we could push a few buttons and upload a tantalising hot drinks animation for the day, making sure our graphic creations reach the right consumers, at the right time.

It’s the ultimate Local Store Marketing Tool and a world first in terms of using this kind of system for digital menu screens that can “talk” to each other and have animations flow across several different screens.

Saucy Secrets.

During the development phase of these menu boards, we ordered off the Steers menu 143 times.