Agency Life.

We're livin' it.

Our Sauce is made up 100% of the blood, sweat and (occasional) tears of every single dedicated member of the agency. We’re passionate, results driven and so close-knit we’re basically family. From the creatives in studio to the strategists presenting in the boardroom, every team member is hands-on. That’s just how we do things.

The Studio.

Making it POP!

This is where our visually-gifted creatives spend their days. They’re wizards of graphic design, menu design, website design, motion graphics and editing. Armed with nothing more than a mouse and a computer they bravely create what no man has created before. None of us are really sure whether what they do is work or play, but we know that the end result is always bright, bold and attention-grabbing.


Always Down to Publish.

These are our masters of desktop publishing. They’re the quiet heroes of Sauce, soldiering though over 20 jobs each, on a slow day. They know how to use almost any design software to lay out, retouch, repro, colour correct, and perfectly proportion anything that goes to print. They’re the last people to work on a job before it leaves the agency – so they have to make sure their work is perfect at all times!


Living Life Online.

These are the people who have high speed internet running through their veins. They’re more knowledgeable than you can imagine when it comes to coding languages and rules. They take thousands of those squiggly-looking letters and turn them into something stunning. No matter the website design, they’ll code it so that it’s not only beautiful, but it also works like a dream.

Strategy & Copywriting.

Making Noise.

This is where we get the ball rolling. Our strategists and copywriters share an office not because of limited space, but because we know that without the symbiosis of solid strategy and kick-ass copy, even the best designs won’t be noticed. Here we put together brand-building strategies and bring them to life with radio and television scripts, headlines, and any other written communication you can think of.

Local Store Marketing.

Franchisee’s First Port of Call.

This incredibly hard-working team is there to field calls from thousands of franchisees on a daily basis. They answer so many calls they’ve actually become one with the telephone receiver. Any local store marketing request goes directly to their office to be logged, briefed, and sent back to the franchisee once completed by the creatives in studio. Also, their office has really cool beanbag chairs.

Account Executives.

At Your Beck and Call.

Who you gonna call? Your AE! They’re the point of contact for our clients and boy do they bend over backwards to make sure expectations are not only met, but exceeded. In the old days we would have referred to them as “the suits” but we’ve never seen a suit come out of that office; there are an awful lot of briefs coming out of there though.

Social Media.

Sliding Into Your DMs.

This is our Internet Famous crew; liking, sharing and tagging their way into the hearts of our fans online. And with online communities populated by upwards of 200,000 people to manage, they really have their work cut out for them! Social media isn’t only posting pictures, it’s brand-building, advertising and CRM all rolled into one. And if you ask them why they’re on Instagram at work, it’s their job.


When the Traffic Flows, Road Rage is Low.

No, you can’t renew your licence here. And they’re way more efficient than the Randburg Licensing Department anyway. This dedicated duo do the delicate duty of doling out to-do’s. Briefs come from the Account Executives and LSM upstairs, get processed and distributed to creatives, then the creatives are hounded to get it done ASAP, and finally the brief goes back, on time and in one piece, every time.

Accounts Department.

Making Sure Everything Adds Up.

No, Pastel does not just do their whole job for them. They’re the masters of the budget, the keepers of the bonuses, and the queens of conditional formatting in Excel spreadsheets. Legend has it that there’s a hidden vault in their office, complete with gold coins and a dragon, but that could just be a story… or is it? When we find the gold coins we’ll let you know, promise.

Office Administration.

Hello, Sauce Advertising, How Can I Help?.

Every agency needs a support structure of well-organised people who always know what’s happening. Without them the creatives wouldn’t know where to find the sticky tape and scissors, the phones would just keep ringing for an eternity and none of our packages would be delivered or received. A scary and confusing world indeed. That’s why we love our office admin team.

Agency Moments.